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Clementine is a lifestyle content creator based in Los Angeles, California. She is both French & American. Clementine is a high-school student sharing her daily life & POVs with her followers on TikTok, Instagram & YouTube. She has done lots of acting since age 11, some of her experience & credits include commercials, standup comedy, Brat TV, Modern Family or the Piper Rockelle show. She is currently working on a reality TV show.

Instagram: @clementinelea  430K+ 
TikTok: @clementinespieser  402K+ Followers 16+M Likes
Youtube youtube.com/ClementineLeaSpieser 107k+ 3.5M views IMDb: imdb.com/name/nm10742473

Website: www.clementinelea.com Other socials: links.clementinelea.com



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