Hi, I am Clementine Lea


If we haven't crossed paths yet, I'm a 17-year-old based in the city of Los Angeles. Sharing a home with my  parents,  little brother Hugo, and  two cats and two turtles, life is always full of surprises!

As a French-American, I've been fortunate to experience the best of both cultures while being born and raised in the city of LA. Currently, I'm juggling my role as a high school junior with my pursuit as an figure in the social sphere.

In January 2021, I unleashed my passion for fashion by launching Clementine Lea's boutique—an online haven for all things stylish. 

Many often inquire about my shopping secrets and express admiration for my personal style. I've personally curated a selection of my current fashion favorites, aptly named "Fashion Picks." These handpicked gems are now readily available for you to embrace my signature style.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and for your invaluable support. Let's stay connected and embark on exciting adventures together by following me on my social media platforms: https://links.clementinelea.com/